Hug a Tree

Re-posting this from May 2013 – seems to have disappeared from archives.  Pseudo-science?  Or is there something to learn from trees – one of the earths oldest remaining forms of life


It’s Spring.
The trees are in leaf,
but beneath that hard exterior
is there a soul?
The trees are in leaf,
feeling the warmth of the sun,
greeting the light,
feeding on its energy
in photosynthetic delight,
if they feel delight,
if they have a soul.
Go hug a tree,
admire its majesty
speak to it,
listen to see if it answers back.
Not the creaking and cracking
as it sways in the wind,
more like the click of your tongue.
The wonder of science.
We’ve listened, we’ve heard
the words of a tree,
beyond the range of the human ear,
the words of a tree in thirst,
the words of a tree in pain perhaps,
praying for rain perhaps,
the ultrasonic pop, pop, pop,
the being of the tree
pleading for water.
Pop, pop, pop.
Feel sympathy.
Feel empathy.
Go hug a tree.

2nd May 2013

Notes: Gasping for a drink: Ultrasonic popping sound made by trees when they are thirsty heard for first time.” Scientists believe they have made the first ever recording of a tree gasping for water. Just as humans make a noise as they desperately try to gulp air, living trees make ultrasonic popping noises as they draw in as much moisture as possible to survive during a drought. The sounds are a hundred times faster than can be heard by the human ear, but a team led by French physicist Philippe Marmottant at Grenoble University believe they have been able to slow the process down sufficiently to be heard during a recent lab experiment.



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