janusAlthough I still have a lot of poems from last year’s headlines to publish I’ve decided to call a halt to the Janus project since it’s taking up time which I want to spend on other projects this year.

The most significant of these is “Keats’ Ghost” which is trying to create the spirit of a town through verse, the town being Teignmouth where Keats once lived for a short while.  I hope some of you have had a look already at the growing collection which not only features verse but links through to associated features of the town, its history, its activity.

You can access it through the Pherecrates home page or direct via:

Keats’ Ghost

Meanwhile …….


Sometimes looking forward,
sometimes back,
capturing a snapshot of the time,
the headlines swing and sway,
ruling for a day.

Mayfly transient.
Vanished in the blinking of an eye.
Hopefully they’ve made you think,
smile, laugh, pray, cry,
wonder why.

But most of all,
now last year’s course of verse is run,
I hope you feel enthralled.
I hope you’ve had some fun.

Au Revoir


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