Ambergris treasure trove on beach

Ambergris treasure trove on beach

One year ago today, end of the first month of the Janus project and I was struggling to find a significant headline so I ended up with four and a short verse on each.  From David Beckham to dead sea-birds – enjoy!




The Final Quartet

From the gallic charm of Paris
to the balm of Ambergris
the headlines flutter, swing and sway;
from Iceland’s reach to Devon beach
they weave their way today.


From LA where he was ‘The Man’
Beckham moved to St Germain.
Let’s hope that he regrets rien,
not another ‘also-ran’.

On Morecombe beach a man and dog found vomit of a whale,
or ‘Ambergris’ as it’s well-known in the perfume trade.
It’s worth ten thousand pounds a pound, so now it’s up for sale.
From this smelly log-like lump they’ve had their fortune made.

An Iceland maiden, oh so fair,
wanted to use her name of ‘Blaer’.
Translated it means ‘gentle breeze’.
The court rejected all her pleas.
Her mother, Bjork, then waded in,
saying “it is Icelandic, there’s no sin
in my daughter’s name, it’s real”.
Today they won, upon appeal.

Lathered in adhesive coat
that waxes wings and makes legs sore,
struggling to keep afloat,
sea-birds die on Devon shore.
Wings in waxy coat,
razorbills and guillemot
die on Devon shore.


31st January 2013

Notes:  Four small headlines today – “David Beckham joins Paris St-Germain and will play for free”;   “It’s floating gold! Dog walker finds ‘horrible smelling’ lump of sperm whale vomit worth £100,000”;   Icelandic girl wins right to be called gentle breeze”;   “Rescue for birds covered in ‘wax’ in the south west”.


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