Syria conflict: UN says refugee crisis in Jordan ‘critical’


Sometimes it’s depressing looking back at headlines a year ago.  This was about the Syrian refugee crisis.  Look at Syria today.  Has anything changed?





Let’s pause for thought
and hold a mirror to our souls.

Syria.  You’re there now in that war-torn country split,
where government and rebel forces fight.
Do you sit still and silent,
looking on, doing nothing, feeling nothing?
Or risk all, your family, your life
and take a stand for what you believe is right?
Who knows what’s best?
Who know’s what’s right and wrong in civil war?
Who can be sure,
when each side claims their cause is just?

Syria.  A dilemma to a world that’s tired of war,
but no good reason to be ignored.
A place where women, children, men all die so needlessly,
not for them the choice of growing old.
A place where lives, homes, families are all destroyed,
where in the heat of war the future looks so cold.
A place where angry voices surge from out the arab spring.
A place where plangent voices mourn the dead and ask
“Is anybody out there, anyone at all, listening?”
A place from which to flee in droves,
to leave the self-destruction of the civil war
seeking sanctuary on the distant shores of hope.
Be a refugee.
Perhaps the world will listen now.
Perhaps the world will pause
and hold a mirror to its soul.


24th January 2013 – headline from the BBC

Notes:  “Syria conflict: UN says refugee crisis in Jordan ‘critical’”.  The UN says there has been a huge leap in the numbers of Syrian refugees arriving in Jordan, putting a considerable strain on resources.  Up to 3,000 were arriving every day and at least 50,000 were waiting to cross.  Jordan has warned that if there is a mass influx of refugees it will close the border with Syria.  The BBC’s Fergal Keane at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan said many there feel abandoned by the outside world.  The Syrian conflict has been going on for some time and is rarely out of the news.  But because of that there is almost a danger of becoming complacent and ignoring it when there are other new headlines day on day.  I thought this one was particularly poignant though.


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