Goldman bankers get rich betting on food prices as millions starve

Grain prices

The day before yesterday one year ago and we continued to reel from headlines on unbelievable bankers’ bonuses and unethical trading activities.




Profanity (or substitute here whatever word you think appropriate)

Vanity                            (gong)

Ten million bonus.
to CEO Goldman Sachs
Thanks to us, no fuss.

Reality                           (gong)

Goldman Sachs traders speculate on price
of staple food products – wheat, maize and rice.

Totality                          (gong)

Goldman Sachs
last year made
a quarter billion pounds
from this trade.

Fatality                          (gong)

It’s fact, not fiction.
Two point three million children
die each year, from malnutrition.

Equality                         (gong)

A simple sum, or so it sounds –
divide your profits by your deaths.
One hundred pounds
the value that society attaches
to every child’s life such trading snatches

Plurality                        (gong)

OK, OK, I accept the fact
that Goldman Sachs
is not the only one who’s made
its millions avoiding tax
and in this immoral trade.



21st January 2013 – headline from the Independent

Notes:  Goldman bankers get rich betting on food prices as millions starve” following on from the headline three days earlier – “$21 million payday for Goldman Sachs CEO”.  The poem and headlines speak for themselves.  The estimate of child deaths comes from UNICEF report ‘Levels and trends in child mortality 2012’ – estimated 6.9 million under-five deaths worldwide in 2011, one third attributable to nutrition.

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