Algeria crisis: Warnings of ‘multiple UK casualties’

algeriaOne year ago yesterday and a gas facility in Algeria was taken over by Islamist militant forces.  Imagine the terror of the hostages ….






in algeria

Imagine the fear
of not knowing what’s happening,
of what’s going on.

Am I just dreaming?
Are the shouts and the screams
that fracture the night
not what they seem?

No, they are.

The barking of orders,
the percussive staccato
of shots in the dark.
The Kalashnikov rattle
of the snake before striking.
The hiding,
the terror of finding,
the capture, the herding,
the binding of hands and of spirits.
The blinding.
Blind led by the blind
of a violent crusade
there in Algerian sands.

Hostage.  Terrorist.

Imagine the fear
of knowing what’s happening,
of what’s coming on.


17th January 2013 – headline from the BBC

Notes:  “Algeria crisis: Warnings of ‘multiple UK casualties'”.  On Wednesday Islamist militants attacked and occupied a gas facility in Algeria operated by the Algerian state oil company, Sonatrach, along with the British oil company BP and Norway’s Statoil.  A Briton and an Algerian were killed and foreign workers taken hostage.  Algerian troops surrounded the living quarters at In Amenas, where the hostages were being held.  Earlier, the AFP news agency quoted one worker as saying the militants had demanded the release of 100 Islamist prisoners.  Another report said they wanted France to end its military operation in Mali.  Today Algerian armed forces attacked the compound.  We’re awaiting the outcome.


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