Aaron Swartz, internet freedom activist, dies aged 26

redditOne year ago saw the death of Aaron Swartz, believer in freedom of internet expression.  It’s interesting looking back at this in light of the later revelations last year of the NSA and other secret service agencies hacking in to ISPs and millions of accounts.





Hail Aaron Swartz, who fought all sorts
of fights for rights
of Internet expression.

Give him credit, for founding Reddit
which underlined just how blind
is censorship’s oppression.

The users here have most to fear;
you’ll soon see that you’re not free
from government oppression.

Now Aaron’s dead, hear what he said.
Let’s ride the tide
and all Demand Progression.


13th January 2013 – headline from the BBC

Notes: “Aaron Swartz, internet freedom activist, dies aged 26.”  Aaron Swartz, a celebrated internet freedom activist and early developer of the website Reddit, has died at 26.  The activist and programmer took his life in his New York apartment, a relative and the state medical examiner said. His body was found on Friday.  Mr Swartz began computer programming as a child, and at 14 co-authored an early version of the RSS specification.  He later became an advocate of internet freedom, and was facing hacking charges at the time of his death.  He was among the founders of the Demand Progress campaign group, which lobbies against internet censorship.


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