Are the Los Roques islands the new Bermuda Triangle?”

los roquesOne year ago today and this mystery was in the headlines.  It was being expressed as another version of the Bermuda Triangle because of the number of unexplained disappearances over time in this area.  Who knows?



The los roques mystery

Vittorio Missoni,
fashion designer,
has not been the only
traveller to vanish
near Los Roques,
the old Spanish isles.
From there to Caracas,
in Venezuela,
though fitted with trackers,
fifteen more disappeared
with no clear cause,
just a mystery to add to the files.

They say that it all began
just off Bermuda,
Formosa and Michigan,
with weird triangular tales
of sailing ships, aeroplanes
everyone lost without trace.
Is there a wormhole,
a stargate-type portal,
a blackhole, a plughole,
a whirlpool, a sink?
Or maybe a kink
in a thirteen-dimensional space?

Whatever the cause,
whether man-made, pernicious,
superstitious or plausible,
pause for a moment,
remember Missoni
and the others who died in that place.


8th January 2013 – headline from the Guardian

Notes:  “Are the Los Roques islands the new Bermuda Triangle?”  The actual event of Missoni’s disappearance occurred a few days earlier but was picked up again today with a new spin to the story under this headline.  Since the mid-90s, there have been at least 15 reported incidents in which small aircraft have either crashed, disappeared or declared emergencies while travelling through the area.  The Missoni family said it was not ruling out the possibility that the plane had been hijacked by local drug smugglers.  Natural explanations include ‘methyl hydrates’ from the ocean floor, wind shear, mountain waves all of which cause unexpected turbulence.  Formosa and Michigan are apparently other famous triangle locations.


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