The Gay Dilemma

bishopOne year ago today and the Anglican church stood divided by the gay debate ……


the gay dilemma

Let’s say
I’m Anglican but gay.
Then up till now there seemed no way
a bishopric could come my way.
Until today.

Perhaps, but let us set the record straight.

I’ll state
I’m Anglican and straight,
an honest true-blue candidate
for C of E episcopate
and still that’s true today.

But the new decree has gone astray.

I pray.
I’m Anglican but gay
and no episcopate will come my way
unless I’m celibate they say
and that’s the catch today.

The straight
need not be celibate
so why can I not celebrate
my love towards my same-sex mate
physically today?

I cry.
Suppose that I were bi.
Would I now ethically comply
or would more different rules apply
to a U-turn gone awry.

I’m gay.
The issue is still grey.
Discrimination’s here to stay.
My dilemma hasn’t gone away.
I’m gay.


5th January 2013 – headline from the Independent

Notes:  The Church of England reopened discussion of the most divisive issue in Anglicanism last night by unexpectedly saying that openly gay men could become bishops, providing they are celibate. The timing of the announcement took supporters and opponents of gay bishops by surprise, and the decision threatens to present incoming Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rt Rev Justin Welby, with renewed infighting in the Anglican Church over the issue of sexual orientation.  One leading conservative last night warned the U-turn would put the debate about women bishops in the shade and “finally divide the Anglican Communion completely”.  Although liberals largely welcomed the news, they also voiced concerns that gay clergy would still be expected to answer searching questions about the nature of celibacy – something their straight single counterparts are not expected to do. The consecration of gay clergy as bishops has caused deep divisions within the Church of England since Jeffrey John was forced to withdraw his candidacy for the bishopric of Reading in 2003, following an outcry by conservative evangelicals.


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