Rail commuters hit by 4.2% average fare rise

3rd headline of 2013 and it’s same old, same old.  I could actually be writing the same poem today with the recent news of further rail fare increases.

trains 130103

The Unfair Fare Affair

They’ve done it again, those Network Rail men.
They’ve put up the fares and nobody cares.
This is the tenth year we’ve had rises here;
above RPI and do they ask why?,
our noble MPs who do as they please.
But none of them dares to challenge the fares,
to challenge the rise, oh what a surprise!

Let’s say to our reps “what are the steps
you’re going to take for our Nation’s sake?”
Get cars off the road or reap what you’ve sowed.
Incentivise us to use train and use bus.
Why don’t you invest in transport that’s best,
in transport that’s green, in transport that’s clean,
with less CO2 to cut warming too.
You know that it’s right so take up the fight.
Show us you care and don’t be unfair,
don’t be unfair, don’t be unfair.

3rd January 2013 – headline from the BBC

Notes:  “Rail commuters hit by 4.2% average fare rise.”  Having privatised the railways the Government now seems to have little control over the prices charged for travel.  For ten years rail fares have increased each year above the level of inflation.  The political reply is that we must invest more in the infrastructure but is that actually happening or is the government just paying lip-service to the idea?  Meanwhile our roads are filling up, journey times lengthening, CO2 emissions increasing.  When is the government going to grasp the nettle of a coherent national transport strategy?

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