Fury with MPs is main reason for not voting

Angry face

Angry face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 days to go to the end of the Janus Project.  This was an interesting story summarising the low (very low) esteem in which our leaders are held.  It seems to support the position Russell Brand took on Newsnight a couple of months ago in his face-to-face with Jeremy Paxman.  There is disillusionment with an electoral system that does not deliver the goods in a modern society.  So why are people angry?  Here are some thoughts …..

We’re Angry

I wonder, you wonder why people don’t vote.
It’s because politicians have gotten our goat.

We’re angry at most things politicians say.
Their lips move.  Fine weasel-words trickle out
but there’s never a doubt that what’s expressed now
will mean something different some other day.

We’re angry because deep down we all believe
from the cradle politicians were conceived to deceive.

We’re angry because we think they don’t really care,
ripping apart years of social welfare.

We’re angry because we think they favour the rich,
a big-bonus banker is the one whose face fits.

We’re angry because they take us to war
to settle a score of which no-one is sure.

We’re angry because they put themselves first
with their own agenda – for the power they thirst.

We’re angry because of their hypocrisy;
one rule for them, another for you and for me.

We’re angry because we know what the extent is
of their flagrant abuse, fiddling expenses.

We’re angry because there are people in the country,
unemployed, losing homes, going cold, going hungry.

We’re angry because the parties are in essence the same,
to them it’s a game, conservatives, labour, even lib-dem.

We’re angry because the system is broke;
it’s a joke, no change will come from a meaningless vote.

We’re angry, we’re angry but what’s the solution?
No hope for the country without revolution.
let the people rebel, arise and instate a
ruler like ME as beneficent dictator.


26th December 2013 – headline from the Guardian

Notes:  “Fury with MPs is main reason for not voting – poll.”  Nearly half of Britons say they are angry with politics and politicians, according to a Guardian/ICM poll analysing the disconnect between British people and their democracy.  The research, which explores the reasons behind the precipitous drop in voter turnout – particularly among under-30s – finds that it is anger with the political class and broken promises made by high-profile figures that most rile voters, rather than boredom with Westminster.  Asked for the single word best describing “how or what you instinctively feel” about politics and politicians in general, 47% of respondents answered “angry”, against 25% who said they were chiefly “bored”.  Negative sentiments vastly outnumber positive, with only 16% reporting feeling “respectful” towards people doing a difficult job.


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