Artificial worm starts to wriggle

C elegans DIC s

C elegans DIC s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Look back to 21st November for speculation about whether WE are living as a simulation within a matrix.  This story is interesting because we ourselves are now creating a realistic ‘matrix’ for simple artificial life so the possibility that we are merely simulations ourselves could have some philosophical credibility.  Deep.


Nematode Matrix

Squiggly worm,
jiggly worm,
random wriggly nematode.
You’re alive
upon our screens,
creation of computer code.

you’ve defaecated,
now will you procreate as well?
Do you know
upon our screens
you’re under someone’s tantric spell?

Muscles twitch
as though bewitched,
we’ve harmonised your thousand cells.
What do you feel
upon our screens –
the gift of life or the curse of hell?

You’re building bricks
of our matrix.
Now we question what we’re seeing.
Are we alive
on someone’s screen,
code of another intelligent being?



19th December 2013 – headline from the BBC

Notes:  “Artificial worm starts to wriggle.”  A project to create artificial life has hit a key milestone – the simulated creature can now wriggle.  The Open Worm project aims to build a lifelike copy of a nematode roundworm entirely out of computer code.  This week the creature’s creators added code that gets the virtual worm wriggling like the real thing.  The next step is to hook the body up to a simulation of the worm’s brain to help understand more about how and why it moves.  The Open Worm project started in May 2013 and is slowly working towards creating a virtual copy of the Caenorhabditis elegans nematode. This worm is one of the most widely studied creatures on Earth and was the first multicelled organism to have its entire genome mapped.  The simulated worm slowly being built out of code aims to replicate C. elegans in exquisite detail with each of its 1,000 cells being modelled on computer.


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