People who drink alcohol outlive those who abstain, study shows

Vodka Martini

Vodka Martini (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s another one of these pieces of scientific research which puts the cat amongst the pigeons of health.  This time it’s now ok to drink alcohol again but only in moderation which actually has a beneficial effect.  Cheers!


One Drink More

Contrary to what many will think,
you’ll live somewhat longer indulging in drink.
Just a daily snifter in moderation
is the mortal coil’s procrastination.

A tumbler of whiskey, a balloon of brandy,
can make you feel frisky, or even quite randy.
A schooner of sherry, a flute of champagne
can make you feel merry but you must refrain
from going that extra glass more,
else it evens the score.

A shot of tequila or neat Malibu,
you’ll feel quite peculiar all the way through.
A soupcon of tonic laced with your gin
and you feel supersonic but you mustn’t give in
to the lure of that extra glass more,
which would even the score.

One limoncello or crab-apple schnapps
will make you quite mellow ….. perhaps.
A half-pint of cider or even of ale
will warm you inside but remember don’t fail
by imbibing that extra glass more
which would even the score.

A vodka martini, shaken not stirred
will make you feel dreamy, that’s what I’ve heard.
A glass of dessert wine, or fine vintage port
can be savoured in time but just don’t get caught
giving in to that extra glass more
which would even the score.

So beware of the lure of one extra drink.
Take time, take care, stop and think.
The second, the third, the fourth Calvados comes at a cost
and with Armagnac there’s no looking back
when you have succumbed to that extra glass more
and evened the score.

9th December 2013 – headline from the Independent

Notes:  “People who drink alcohol outlive those who abstain, study shows.”  Research published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found those who did not consume any alcohol appeared to have a higher mortality rate, regardless of whether they were former heavy drinkers or not, than those who drank heavily.  Instead, ‘moderate’ drinking, defined as one to three drinks per day, was associated with the lowest mortality rate.


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