Can you conquer the hardest tongue twister ever created?

What more can I say.  The wonders of modern scientific research have yet again thrown light on brain processes.  This time its speech and the inability to repeat certain combinations of words without turning into a jabbering wreck.  It would be interesting if this research team got together with the one from a couple of days ago who showed that men’s and women’s brains were wired differently – does different wiring give a different capacity for handling tongue-twisters?  Incidentally I forgot to mention that two days ago Elwood, the world’s ugliest dog died unexpectedly.  R.I.P.tongue twister



“Are you copper-bottoming ‘em, my man?
No ma’am, I’m aluminiuming ‘em.”
“I’m not a pheasant plucker”
you stutter and utter
whilst selling shells upon the sea-shore
where you’re sure to wonder,
in the spell that you’re under –
“How much Zen would a Zen master master
if the Zen master could master all Zen?
A Zen master would master all the Zen he could master
if a Zen master should master all Zen.”

Good golly, so sorry,
red lorry, yellow lorry.
Repeat it again and again.
It seems so absurd
this conjunction of words
but contorting the tongue
is more than just fun.
Tongue-twisters, seriously, are used to explain
the intricate process of speech in the brain.

And now it’s been found,
after years of research,
the hardest tongue-twister around.
It doesn’t make sense.
No matter, we’re told.
It sets a gold standard in a single sentence.
“Pad kid poured curd pulled cold.”
Say it, say it faster and say it again.
You’ll see what I mean
as your brain-stem gets frazzled,
your speech becomes slurred
and you listen but can’t understand what you’ve heard
as gobbled-gobbledy-gobbledy-gook
replaces all of your words.


4th December 2013 – headline from the Independent

Notes:  “Can you conquer the hardest tongue twister ever created?”  Psychologists say their nonsensical phrase left volunteers completely baffled.  Asked to repeat the phrase 10 times at speed, many of the participants simply stopped speaking altogether.  The study was conducted to shed light on the brain’s speech-planning processes. “When things go wrong, that can tell you something about how the typical, error-free operation should go,”


10 thoughts on “Can you conquer the hardest tongue twister ever created?

  1. Yes! 😉 it can be done if you know how to.
    There is always a way – again, most of the time people made tongue twister look like it’s something tough to do.
    It is – if you have to do it speedy quick and it’s the first time you’ve seen it.
    However, everything can be learned to all who is willing 😉
    You just have to find the best way!

  2. I almost wrote tongue twisters today
    but my emotions go in the way
    pherecrates1, genetically Martian
    devoid of emotion, but production production

    Yet phonation phonation is my game
    It has very little to do with the male female brain
    Anyone bilingual would know
    Your tongue works in the language you flow

    Tongue-twisters, used to explain the brain.
    misses out on the baragouin angle in the game
    isoglossal tongues we are not
    and this scientific report is full of rot

      • FRENCH

        Je suis ce que je suis et si je suis ce que je suis, qu’est-ce que je suis?

        Santé n’est pas sans t, mais maladie est sans t.

        Les chaussettes de l’archiduchesse sont-elles sèches?


        Sopra un sasso messo stava su se stesso un sasso stava.

        Chi troppo in alto sal, cade sovente – precipitevolissimevolmente.

        centottantotto lire più cinque-cento-cinquanta-cinque centesimi

        Se mi cerchi non ci sono! Semicerchi non “c” sono.

        Trentatré Trentini entrarono a Trento, tutti e trentatré, trotterellando.


        Shajret Natesh, Jeet Antesh(h)a, Mannatshatesh !

        Ana Ma Statyastaksh, Ma Testatsyesneesh !

        & MY FAVORITE 😉

        Ihna Indana Baqra, wakhalti baraka Indaha Baqra, Ihna dabahna baqaratna,wakhalti baraka dabahat bakarataha, telaat maraqa raqabat wakhalti baraka attam min maraqa raqabat baqratna

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