Fights break out at Asda as shoppers descend on Black Friday deals

Black Friday (1940 film)

Black Friday (1940 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WordPress outage catchup continues with this item from 29th November.  Why has “Black Friday” crossed the Atlantic?  Black Friday sounds so depressing, the nadir of consumerism.  Maybe I’m just growing curmudgeonly!


Black Friday

Black Friday
guilt of recession.
Black Friday
tempting concession.
Black Friday
material impression.
Black Friday
civil suppression.
Black Friday
greed intercession.
Black Friday
insanity session.
Black Friday
commercial oppression.
Black Friday
hate confession.
Black Friday


29th November 2013 – headline from the Guardian

Notes:  “Fights break out at Asda as shoppers descend on Black Friday deals.”  Shoppers desperate for bargains caused chaos in Asda stores on Friday as the Walmart-owned supermarket brought the US tradition of Black Friday to Britain.  Customers scrambled and pushed to snatch cut-price electrical goods after queueing for several hours outside Asda stores around the country.  Shoppers took to the social media site Twitter to describe early morning queues and fights. A woman in Merseyside was reportedly taken to hospital in the morning after being assaulted in a queue outside an Asda store. A man was arrested in Bristol after another fracas.  There were similarly frenzied scenes at Asda in Benton, North Tyneside, where some shelves were cleared in minutes as shoppers overran the store. Margaret Green, 55, from North Tyneside, told newswires: “It was bedlam, chaos. It was absolutely jam-packed. There was lots of screaming and shouting. I’m surprised there weren’t people on the floor. I found it disgusting. It was horrific.”  The US tradition of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when shops cut prices to encourage sales on what is a national holiday on other side of the Atlantic, is gathering pace in the UK. It is being driven by US retailers with a presence in Britain, including Apple, Amazon and Asda.


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