Earliest shrine’ uncovered at Buddha’s birthplace

Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha (Photo credit: Bruno Amaral™)

A really frustrating few days since I haven’t been able to get onto my account – keep getting a message that connection is lost.  Something wrong with the WordPress servers?  Anyway back on now but have just had the same message again so not sure if this will work or not.  A shrine has been found which suggests that Buddha was born a few hundred years earlier than previously thought.


Queen Maya held the branch
and spawned the youth
who practised truth.
lit the pathway
to enlightenment.
The tomb’s been found
in Lumbini,
within the Maya Devi temple,
a sacred shrine
that held the sign of nativity.
From there the holy one arose
to teach beneath the sacred Bo
the road to immortality. 
25th November 2013 – headline from the BBCNotes:  “Earliest shrine’ uncovered at Buddha’s birthplace.”  Archaeologists digging at Buddha’s birthplace have uncovered remains of the “earliest ever Buddhist shrine”.  They unearthed a 6th Century BC timber structure buried within the Maya Devi Temple at Lumbini in Nepal.  The shrine appears to have housed a tree. This links to the Buddha nativity story – his mother gave birth to him while holding on to a tree branch.  Every year thousands of Buddhists make a holy pilgrimage to Lumbini – long identified as the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, who became the Buddha.

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