Do we live in the Matrix? Scientists believe they may have answered the question

Cover of "Matrix-Trilogy [Blu-ray]"

Cover of Matrix-Trilogy [Blu-ray]

This is the sort of conundrum where you can just go round in circles.  If we are part of some cosmic computer program then who constructed the program and how would they know that they weren’t themselves part of a program ….. and so on.


The Poetry of Life

Imagine we’re imaginary
in the poetry of life.
Bemused by the thought
that what we ought to be
may just be all illusory?
Part of some experiment,
our lives, our thoughts, environment
just bits and bytes
and algorithms,
the rhythms of pre-determination
in a cosmic quantum simulation.

in the cyclic simulation
of the poetry of life.






19th November 2013 – headline from the Telegraph

Notes:  “Do we live in the Matrix? Scientists believe they may have answered the question.”  Just like in The Matrix, we may too be living in a simulation generated by an all powerful computer, according to research.  There have been many efforts to discover the truth about the universe and simulated reality.  In 2003 philosopher Nick Bostrom put forward the idea that we may live in a computer simulation run by our descendants but it was Beane and his colleagues who suggested that a more concrete test of the simulation hypothesis should be carried out.  However this idea may not simply be science fiction and ‘cosmic rays’ could reveal that we are indeed living in a simulated universe.  According to Discover magazine, physicists can offer us the ability to test whether we live in our own virtual Matrix, by studying radiation from space.  Cosmic rays are the fastest particles that exist and originate in far-flung galaxies. They always arrive at Earth with a specific maximum energy of 1020 electron volts.  If there is a specific maximum energy for particles then this gives rise to the idea that energy levels are defined, specific and constrained by an outside force.  Thus, according to the research, if the energy levels of particles could be simulated, so too could the rest of the universe.

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