Motorola’s electronic throat tattoo could act as a mobile phone or a lie detector

There have been a number of projects for implanting electronic devices into the human body which can perform interactively.  The latest – this patent from Motorola – is for communications.  How long will it be before we are routinely chipped, tattooed or inserted with cybernetic devices?  Here’s a sort of futuristic look …..electric tattoo


Tattooed Man

Who am I?
Scan your tattoo and you will see –
that’s your ID.

Where am I?
My chipped tattoo pulses strong and stark.
The GPS says ‘London, Regents Park’
but I’m in a cage, still in the dark.

How am I?
My tattoed responder says I’m OK.
Perhaps some mental disarray
but BP and heart-rate fine today.

When am I?
The clock tattoo beats rhythmically
showing twenty to twelve, GMT,
the eighth of November 2513.

What am I?
The tattooed memory chips are deployed.
The answer is one I could not avoid –
cybernetic humanoid.

Why am I?
Only man-machine composites could hope to thrive
when the climate-change tipping point had arrived.
Man died.  Tattooed man survived.

We found you, flesh decayed but circuits intact.
Resurrected, we returned you to life.
You were the first, the prototype,
designed to stride our darkest age
the frameshift leap that took us through,
now pride of place in our cyber-zoo.

8th November 2013 – headline from the Independent

Notes:  “Motorola’s electronic throat tattoo could act as a mobile phone or a lie detector.”  Motorola have filed a patent for coupling an electronic skin tattoo to a mobile communication device which includes an embedded microphone, a transceiver for enabling wireless communication and a power supply that could run from a battery or solar power.


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