Colombia sex strike ‘Crossed Legs’ protest appears to be working, say Barbacoas women

A dangerous precedent here!  This looks like a large-scale version of those little chores around the house that don’t get done for years, the dripping tap, the shelf to fix, the wall to paint ….. Fempower is on the move.Crossedlegs




Crossed Legs

Por un nuevo amanecer
nos abstemos del placer.

Barbacoas women are on the rise.
The pleasures of the flesh will be denied
to Barbacoas men who haven’t complied
in repairing the road to the world outside.

Cross your legs!
We’re on strike!
Men, fix our road!
Or take a hike!

Close your legs!
Keep them crossed!
No more sex!
That’s the cost!

Cross your legs!
Keep them closed!
No more sex!
‘Til we have our road!

Close your legs!
Hold them tight!
No more sex!
‘Til we have our right!

Cross your legs!
No more sex!
Keep them shut!
‘Til the road is fixed

Close your legs!
Hear us say!
No more sex!
‘Til we get our way!

Barbacoas women find it’s working.
Barbacoas men no longer shirking.


6th November 2013 – headline from the Independent

Notes:  “Colombia sex strike ‘Crossed Legs’ protest appears to be working, say Barbacoas women.”  A group of Colombian women have gone on a ‘sex strike’ in protest of the crumbling road leading out of the area – and it appears to be working.  Women in the remote Colombian town of Barbacoas first formed the “crossed legs” movement two years ago. They refused to have sex with their husbands and partners to encourage the Government to deal with the terrible condition of a 35-mile stretch of road leading out of the area.  The road is often closed because of frequent flooding and mudslides and can take 24 hours to travel down. Reaching the nearest hospital can involve a journey of up to 14 hours.  Men in the town have now been spurned into helping fix the road, and Columbian army engineers have been re-paving problem areas.  Maribel Silva, a Barbacoas judge and a spokeswoman for the Crossed Legs movement, told the GlobalPost: “At first, the men were really angry. But it worked.”

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