US startup claims to have ‘solved’ CAPTCHAs in a breakthrough for AI

CAPTCHA Insanity

CAPTCHA Insanity (Photo credit: JillWillRun)

Fine words but I suspect AI still has a long way to go.  CAPTCHA is currently based on morphing numbers or letters but could just as easily be based, for example, on picture recognition.  The AI would seem to be clever though.  I wonder how far the company has got with mapping the maths of the brain?



C  an’t you see.  An elongated ‘c’ could seem to be
a ‘t’, an ‘l’ or even ‘b’
to a bot but not to you and me.

A  nd squash an ‘a’ then who could say
if it weren’t an ‘o’ or ‘w’.
You would know but not the outfoxed bot.

P  erhaps one day we’ll unravel, we will find
the secret of the recognition
algorithms of the mind.

T   ill then the ‘t’ when stretched or bent
could be an ‘f’ coz the bot’s not got capacity
to tell the difference.

C  ertainly we’ve learned
the morphing letter can’t be discerned
by bits of code that roam the highroad of the internet.

H  ave you seen an ‘H’ compressed to ‘U’
or even ‘W’, or maybe ‘M’.
That would perplex them, those pesky bots.

A  rtificial Intelligence is here, Vicarious has claimed.
It’s working on the maths behind the brain
and now has code that has impressed
by breaking through the CAPTCHA test.

Completely Automatic Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.
Looks like we’ll have to think again, re-start.


28th October 2013 – headline from the Independent

Notes:  “US startup claims to have ‘solved’ CAPTCHAs in a breakthrough for AI.”  Vicarious, a San Francisco startup specialising in artificial intelligence, claims to have created a machine capable of cracking CAPTCHAs – the blocks of distorted text that are used online to “prove that you’re human”.  Although CAPTCHA tests might not appear to be the most sophisticated test of machine intelligence they are notoriously difficult for algorithms to decipher, with the most efficient way of bypassing them being to hire cheap manual labour and solve them by hand.  Vicarious claims that its methods are even more impressive than the cutting-edge “deep learning” displayed by current AI titans such as IBM’s Watson.


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