Devout beekeepers win right to refuse switchover to online VAT returns

Seventh-day Adventist Church

Seventh-day Adventist Church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An interesting perspective and, even if you are not religious, it does raise the issue of changing social mores and our increasing dependency on technologies which maybe do steal our time.  How much time do we spend a day FBing, googling, texting, etc?  It can easily become an addiction and subvert personal interaction.  If solar flares took out our communications system would the world’s economy collapse, could we cope or would it be our apocalypse?


Fight The Good Fight

We keep bees.
We lead simple lives.
We follow faithfully the creed.
We won’t pay tax on-line,
it’s against what we believe.
Computers, mobile phones, TV
are mere man-made idols.
Screens blind the minds of non-believers.
Such worldliness deceives and leads astray,
seducing us away from righteousness,
despoiling Seventh Day salvation.
Science versus religion.
Mammon versus canons of belief.

The taxman cometh
but we shall not bow
nor be cowed by threats of fines
for non-use of the internet,
for crimes against a fiscal god.
Get thee behind me satan
and banish thoughts of evil’s root;
cast out the multi-media demons
which preoccupy our lives,
distract our minds and steal our time.
The time for devotion,
the time we need for prayer.

Today there was a victory.
Today we fought.
Today we won the fight, the good fight.
The Appeal Court saw the light and ruled –
enforced use of the internet
trampled on our faith
and breeched our human rights.


21st October 2013 – headline from the Independent

Notes:  “Devout beekeepers win right to refuse switchover to online VAT returns.”  Two devoutly religious beekeepers who reject modern technology have won the right not to fill in their VAT returns online after claiming it breached their human rights.  In what could prove a landmark ruling, a tribunal upheld Graham and Abigail Blackburn’s claim against Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that they could not use a computer because it would contradict their deeply-held beliefs.  The couple are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and  refuse to have a computer, television or possess a mobile phone which they believe to be “idols”, regard the mass media as a form of “worldliness” and contrary to the path of salvation.


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