Utah ancient rock: US scouts could face charges

Goblin Valley State Park (1)

Goblin Valley State Park (1) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A short story today which I’ve endowed with a bit of fantasy.  If you believe that everything in the universe is inter-connected and there is purpose then what if rocks had some perception of existence in a much longer time-scale?  And what if the falling of a single rock is caused by the flap of a butterfly’s wings in China and in turn leads to the end of the world?  I can fantasise, can’t I?!!


The Goblin

I have the right to be.
Not the right to live
for then I’d have to give meaning to the word.

I have been, I be, I will be, I should be.

I have been here four billion years.
I have seen the fleeting waves of other-being life
come and go,
the pulse of energy coalescing,
growing, lessening, fading, dying.

I be the Goblin and I be changing.
Two hundred million years in my present phase,
slowly erasing daily;
layers weather-scraped,
sun-baked, ice –shrunk,
splice-wind shattered,
cell-grains sloughed away and scattered.

I will be morphing still,
crystals seeking restitution,
re-constitution in the million millennia to come.

I should be playing my role in the scheme;
I should be here to eternity
but today future history was changed
in one fatuous act of catastrophe
that happened too early
when a scout leader toppled me
and aborted my form,
reduced my potential, increased my stability.

So I’ll no longer be as I should have been
one hundred years from now.
The child won’t sit on my mushroom cap.
I won’t collapse and crush the child.
The child won’t die.
Child becomes man.
The man is the scientist
who missed the flaw
in the quantum law
that controlled the cage
that contained the rage
of the man-made black-hole.
The cage will disrupt
and every atom of matter
of life, of being is sucked
into oblivion.

I shall be forgotten.
I am the Goblin
toppled today
when a butterfly flapped in Cathay.

18th October 2013 – headline from the BBC

Notes:  “Utah ancient rock: US scouts could face charges.”  Criminal charges are being considered against a US scout leader who toppled an ancient rock formation in Utah, sparking an international outcry.  He was filmed by a colleague pushing the 170 million-year-old red rock in Goblin Valley State Park and celebrating afterwards.  The two scouts say they have received death threats after the video was posted online.  The two men argue the rock was loose and could have fallen on a passer-by.


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