Angela Merkel triumphs in German election to secure historic third term

English: Angela Merkel

English: Angela Merkel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new psychological condition has been recently propounded called ‘hubris’.  Basically it’s a variant of ‘power corrupts’.  The contention is that as you become used to power you become more blase and less aware of risk in decision-making – strongly exhibited by Margaret Thatcher in her final term in office.  Let’s hope that Angela Merkel, who has drawn comparison with Thatcher, has the nous to avoid this condition ….. or Europe will be in even more of a mess.


Third Term

Angela Merkel,
not a smirk but a smile
in her circle of friends.
A smile that portends
a triumphant return
for a third term
in the German national elections.

Don’t think I’m keeping score
but since the last war
only two chancellors have done this before.
Adenauer and Kohl
both went to the polls
and won a third term
in the German national elections.

No time for reflection,
she needs a direction
and a party volition
for a strong coalition.
Angela Merkel – her work’ll be cut out
in this her third term
after these German elections.





23rd September 2013 – headline from the Guardian

Notes:  Angela Merkel triumphs in German election to secure historic third term.”  Angela Merkel is basking in a historic third-term victory in the German elections, having led her conservatives to their best result in more than 20 years.  Chancellor’s Christian Democratic Union and sister party win 41.5% of the vote – just five seats short of overall majority.  German editorials on Monday praised her considerable achievement. The Süddeutsche Zeitung columnist Heribert Prantl lamented the lack of a feminine form of “triumphator” in German, because Merkel would deserve it.  Despite the record victory, Merkel may struggle in her third term. She could yet be forced into a coalition, most likely with the SPD, who, with 25.7%, secured the second worst result in their history; or even the Green party (8.4%), with whom the CDU has entered government on a state level.  Otherwise she could find herself struggling to push legislation through both chambers of parliament, with the upper house dominated by left-leaning parties.


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