Will the Dead Sea be eaten by sinkholes?

Dead Sea sinkhole

Dead Sea sinkhole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This headline has a certain irony doesn’t it?  The knowledge of this has been around for some time apparently and was brought to the world’s attention in 2011 by photographer Spencer Tunick who staged the first mass nude shoot there.


Dead Sea Dying

Dead Sea drying.
Underlying weakness.
Sinkholes forming.
Water draining.
Level dropping.
There’s no stopping
Dead Sea drying.
No denying.
No way of trying
to staunch the bleakness
of earth deforming,
not sustaining
salt pans flopping.
No way of propping
that crusty topping
so Dead Sea’s dying
and it won’t be long
‘til the Dead Sea’s gone.


18th September 2013 – headline from the Daily Mail

Notes:  “Will the Dead Sea be eaten by sinkholes? Huge chasms are appearing in the region at a rate of one per day.”  The Dead Sea is drying up at an incredible rate leaving huge chasms of empty space in its wake.  These chasms appear in the form of large, devastating sinkholes and are increasing in number throughout the region.  Experts claim they are now forming at a rate of nearly one a day, but have no way of knowing when or how they will show up.  The water level has fallen from 394 meters below sea level in the 1960s to about423 meters below sea level as of end 2012.  As a result, the Sea’s water surface area has been reduced by one third: from roughly 950 square kilometers to 637 square kilometers today.  The water level continues  to drop at an alarming pace of 0.8 to 1.2 meters per year.

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