Man survives four-month Andes ordeal

English: The Andes. Photo was taken on a fligh...

English: The Andes. Photo was taken on a flight between Asuncion, Paraguay and Santiago, Chile, so the exact location is probably in the area between Santiago, Chile and Cordoba, Argentina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


An incredible story of survival.  No proper food and look at that terrain.  Updates to the story suggest the man was on the run from the law.

Andean Spring

Cold, bone-chillingly cold,
lost in a snowstorm in Andean spring.
So chillingly cold in the white-out.

Scared, soul-baringly scared,
not knowing where to take shelter.
Soul-baringly scared in the white-out.

Hope, a shadow of hope,
the gradual shape of a mountain hut.
Shadowy hope in the white-out.

Hunger, gut-retching hunger,
must catch a rat, must catch a rat.
Hunger assuaged in the white-out.

Despair, mind-crushing despair.
How will I ever be found?
Despair everywhere in the white-out.

Survive, the strength to survive,
with body weak but mental will
to survive, stay alive in the white-out.

Knock, the faintness of the rescue knock.
Hallucination of the mind.
The knock that cracked the white-out.

Strength, last-gasp dying strength,
to crawl towards existence.
The strength to break the white-out.

Relief, body-sobbing relief,
surviving hunger, cold, despair.
Relief to escape the white-out.


8th September 2013 – headline from

Notes: “Man survives four-month Andes ordeal“.  A Uruguayan man who went missing in May while trying to cross the Andes mountains from Chile to Argentina has been found alive, officials say.  Raul Fernando Gomez Circunegui, 58, got lost in snowstorms after his motorbike broke down.  He was found in a mountain shelter at an altitude of more than 2,800m (9,300ft) by Argentine officials.  Mr Gomez survived by eating leftover supplies in the shelter and whatever else he could catch, including rats.  He has been taken to hospital in an emaciated and dehydrated state, but is expected to make a full recovery.  Argentine officials from the north-western province of San Juan stumbled across Mr Gomez after arriving in the area near the shelter by helicopter to record snow levels.  An enfeebled Mr Gomez was able to open the shelter’s door and alert the crew to his presence.


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