Boarded up shops in recession-hit town painted over so they look like they’re still in business

Bushmills black bush

Bushmills black bush (Photo credit: pilonjea)

I rather like the idea of art giving a new lease of life to a town.  It’s a very gentle sort of graffiti I suppose and is starting to attract new business apparently.  Bushmills of course is famous for its whiskey.


Life Through Art

Bushmills’ listless, lifeless streets,
recession-hit, unassuaged
ghosts of boarded shops,
unlit, unloved, unused,
consigned to dusty memories of a prior age.

A town is dying
in the bitter winter of its life,
crying out for youth,
the spring of youth
to wield the brush, to stroke the palette knife.

Brightened with a new facade,
its facelift beckons with its buzzing business scenes.
Behold the red-cheeked grocer, the publican, the baker,
the cobbler at his last, the barber, the tailor
and farmyard animals a recurring theme.

Life through art
restores the heart to a dying town.

1st September 2013 – headline from the Daily Mail

Notes:  “Boarded up shops in recession-hit town painted over so they look like they’re still in business.”  Hundreds of thousands of visitors pass through the town of Bushmills to reach one of Northern Ireland’s biggest attractions- the Giant’s Causeway.  But for the recession-hit Northern Irish town, the appearance of prosperity comes from a creative scheme that rejuvenates boarded up windows and doors with colourful paintings.  The Brighter Bushmills Project aims to use graphics and artwork to encourage tourists to visit the town where Bushmills whiskey was distilled for the first time.  The project has given around a dozen vacant units a facelift. Broken windows and unused doors have been covered with scenes of buzzing businesses.  Now, the village is becoming recognisable for highly detailed artwork and graphics that brighten up its main street.

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