Evidence for new element Ununpentium

Tom Lehrer - The Elements on Vimeo by Kenan Su...

Tom Lehrer – The Elements on Vimeo by Kenan Sulayman (Photo credit: cquarles)

This one from August 27th brought back memories of Tom Lehrer’s famous song so that’s the twist I took on the discovery of Ununpentium.  With apologies to any aliens out there who are already familiar with the new element in thei gravity-wave generators.





Roll Over Tom Lehrer

Roll over Tom Lehrer.
You must update your song.
The Periodic Table’s been going so long
that the words of your song are now wrong.

Roll over Tom Lehrer.
Your song’s in the museum.
It’s no longer for real,
coz they’ve added un-un-pen-ti-um.

Roll over Tom Lehrer.
The element’s not new
but it’s one of the few
that had to be proved to be true.

Roll over Tom Lehrer.
Conspiracy theorists try to relate a
tale of ununpentium in a UFO-site crater
in a gravity-wave generator.

Roll over Tom Lehrer.
Game makers have known
ununpentium has grown
to be number one ultimate weapon.

Stay put Tom Lehrer.
Stay put, I insist.
Ununpentium exists
but here is the twist –
it cannot persist
for more than a second.
It’s so evanescent
blink and you’ve missed
its existence.

27th August 2013 – headline from the Telegraph

Notes:  “Evidence for new element Ununpentium may swell Periodic Table.”  Ununpentium is one of a number of elements that were theoretically thought to exist.  It was first created in 2004 by a team of Russian and American scientists but the evidence was deemed insufficient for it to be officially classified as a new element.  The latest experiments to prove the existence of Element 115 were conducted at Lund University in Sweden.  Conspiracy theorists have in the past claimed that ununpentium was part of technology used by UFOs and it has also featured heavily in computer games as a source for weapons.  However, in reality the uses for the new element, which is highly unstable and so short lived, are likely to be extremely limited.

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