US holds spate of Syria talks as concern grows over chemical weapons claims.

Day 3 of catch-up.  This headline from 22nd August.  The conflict and political heat in Syria is escalating but what’s the truth behind the stories?  Who knows and can we always trust what we read and what we are told?  I don’t have the answers but I do remember Iraq.

Wolf Call?

Hundreds have died in Gouta.
Without a doubt victims of chemical attack.
But there’s a clear lack of facts
about who launched the gas.
Who has the motive?

Remember Iraq.
We embarked on a decade of war
because we were “sure”
that Saddam Hussein
was building again
an arsenal of WMD.
A complete fallacy
of the so-called intelligence agencies.
The CIA, the NSA of the USA
and the secret services of the UK
all lied.
The politicos took us to war
and, for sure, hundreds of thousands then died.

Swap Syria for Iraq, Assad for Saddam.
Is a fruitless pursuit again being planned?
Has the red line been crossed?
What is the cost of error again?
Has reason been lost?
What has the Syrian government to gain
by inviting attack from the West?
Less than the rebels or Al Qaeeda
you’d have to concede
and less than the marshalling USA
in its power-play in the Middle East.

Has the wolf been called?
Is it all a bluff?
Enough civilians have died.
This time we must try
to be honest and straight.
Before it’s too late we must get it right.


22nd August 2013 – headline from the Guardian

Notes:  “US holds spate of Syria talks as concern grows over chemical weapons claims.”  Hundreds of Syrians are known to have died in the attack on Ghouta, a rebel-held area in the Damascus suburbs, and the death toll continues to rise.  The US held a flurry of diplomatic talks on Thursday to discuss possible new action against the Syrian government amid mounting international concern over alleged chemical weapons attacks.  Though it stressed it had still not yet seen conclusive proof of chemical weapon use, the US State Department revealed that secretary of state John Kerry had held seven calls with overseas counterparts on Thursday, and had taken part in a national security council meeting at the White House.  Washington is split over how to respond to the latest attack, which it believes may have killed between 1,000 and 1,800 people. Military leaders such as John Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, have urged caution, for fear of becoming further embroiled in a Middle East conflict when it is unclear whether the rebels would back US interests.  “Syria today is not about choosing between two sides but rather about choosing one among many sides,” Dempsey said in the letter dated 19 August to Representative Eliot Engel. “It is my belief that the side we choose must be ready to promote their interests and ours when the balance shifts in their favor. Today, they are not.”

2 thoughts on “US holds spate of Syria talks as concern grows over chemical weapons claims.

    • Great blog. Interesting to look back over the last two weeks to see the lack of support in UK for military intervention and the general coolness of the G20 summit. Will Obama get the support he’s looking for in the house? We’ll see.

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