165,000 apply for mission to colonise Mars

English: Coloniazation of Mars

English: Coloniazation of Mars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More catchup from 23rd August.  Are you up for a trip to Mars?

Voyage to Mars

Roll up, roll up, take your place for Mars.
Be the first to boldly go,
to venture deeper into space,
to join the pioneering race,
to experience what others don’t yet know.
Yes, take your place for Mars.

This is REAL.
No place here for avatars.
Steal limelight from the movie stars,
leave behind your fancy cars,
forget about those singles’ bars,
no more jam in Kilner jars,
or pickles in malt vinegar.
All left behind, so far.

Abandon all those simple things.
You’ll ring a change
and though at first life will seem strange
upon Mars red-rock shores
you’ll learn to live,
you’ll learn the secrets Mars will give,
you’ll earn the right
to stare into the Martian night
and know that you were first.
You thirst for boundaries new;
that’s what you pioneers yearn to do,
to drive the stellar wagons through the spatial waste
and build a new existence that is meaningful to you.

Roll up, roll up
but there’s something we cannot hide.
This is a single ticket, no return,
no turning back.
You go, you stay, you live, you die –
the trip to Mars is a one-way ride.

23rd August 2013 – headline from the Independent

Notes:  “A one-way ticket too tempting to ignore: 165,000 apply for mission to colonise Mars – despite no chance of them ever returning to Earth.”  A one-way ticket to another planet where there is no air, no water or food – and certainly no return home – may not sound like a lot of fun, but to 165,000 people the opportunity to live permanently on Mars has been too tempting to ignore.  This is how many people so far have offered to join an ambitious private mission to send a group of four men and women to Mars in 2023 as the first intrepid pioneers for a permanent space colony on the Red Planet.

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