Apostrophe Day

Call in the apostrophe police

Call in the apostrophe police (Photo credit: lisbk)

2nd catchup for today, from 21st August.  Nothing reveals obsession with grammatical accuracy as much as the humble apostrophe, celebrated this day in the Apostrophe Day championships.  Have a go yourselves with a haiku illustrating the complexity of the apostrophe.

Apostrophe Day

Toolkit for bakers.
Is it “baker’s” or “bakers’”
or “bakers” toolkit?

Pussy has no food.
Cat’s hungry so eats the dogs.
Dog’s mad.  Pussy’s glad.

Shortening’s the word
when apostrophe’s applied.
Contraction, innit?

What’s mine’s not yours, mate.
Pedants’ friend’s grammar’s curs’d mark.
You’re so possessive.


21st August 2013 – headline from the Guardian

Notes:  “It’s in its right place: how to use apostrophes – the winning haiku.” For the competition for International Apostrophe Day entrants had to tweet an apostrophe-themed haiku.

AND THE WINNER ……Apostrophe Vigilante, who tweets as @ApostropheLaw, made the winning tweet neatly demonstrating how an apostrophe can change the meaning of a sentence.

I’ve run out of food.
I’m going to eat the dogs.
What apostrophe?

This also linked to an item on 22nd August:  “Demonstrating a lack of basic grammar, Zissman, 26, tweeted her followers asking: “Can you all help me out as I’m crap at grammar. Is it bakers toolkit or baker’s toolkit is an apostrophe?! X (sic)””



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