The world’s first lab-grown burger has been cooked and eaten


Eulogy to Stem-Cell Beef-Burger

Oh stem-cell beef-burger, grown in a dish.
Oh stem-cell beef-burger, tasting quite delish.
What did the gourmets say today?
Did they compare thee to a summer’s day?
A little lean, needs more fat
but good on ‘mouthfeel’, fancy that!

Oh stem-cell beef-burger, coming from a lab.
Oh stem-cell beef-burger, looking really fab.
But will we eat artificial meat
or will it remain an expensive treat?
At quarter of a million pounds a throw,
who knows?

Oh stem-cell beef-burger, you haven’t seen a farm.
Oh stem-cell beef-burger, you’re doing far less harm.
Can you fight famine and climate change?
With much less methane coming from the range
and much more food from far less land
you’re a solution waiting in our hands.

You’re like medicinal compound, saviour of the human race.
Oh stem-cell beef-burger, you’ll surely have your place.






5th August 2013 – headline from the BBC

Notes:  “The world’s first lab-grown burger has been cooked and eaten at a news conference in London.  Scientists took cells from a cow and, at an institute in the Netherlands, turned them into strips of muscle that they combined to make a patty.  The burger was cooked by chef Richard McGeown, from Cornwall, and tasted by food critics Hanni Ruetzler and Josh Schonwald.  One food expert said it was “close to meat, but not that juicy” and another said it tasted like a real burger.  Researchers say the technology could be a sustainable way of meeting what they say is a growing demand for meat.  The world’s population is continuing to increase and an ever greater proportion want to eat meat. To meet that demand farmers will need to use more energy, water and land – and the consequent increase in greenhouse gas emission will be substantial.  Prof Mark Post, of Maastricht University, the scientist behind the burger, remarked: “It’s a very good start.”


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