Mystery of enormous pentagram in Kazakhstan

The mysteries that surround us remain to be explained ……

The Sigil of Baphomet.

The Sigil of Baphomet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


in Kazakhstan.
The hand of man?
A symbol of the Taliban?
Some military leviathan,
cold-war tracking of the minuteman?

Some satanic artefact?
Beelzebub’s design in fact,
the Sigil of Baphomet,
a semiotic devil track,
for Lucifer a landing pad,
a battleground for good and bad?

Waymark for an alien
in an interstellar caravan
drifting on a graviton
from Sirius or far beyond
to rest and then to journey on?

Hand of man, satan’s plan, alien?
You decipher it if you can.
Me, mathematician,
I’ll muse into oblivion.



2nd August 2013 – headline from the Daily Mail

Notes:  “What the devil is it doing there? Mystery of enormous pentagram in Kazakhstan visible on Google earth.”  This enormous pentagram etched into the ground next to a lake in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan, has had conspiracy theorists all of a flutter after it appeared on Google Earth.  The five-pointed star symbol which measures some 366 metres in diameter, is situated on the southern shore of the Upper Tobol Reservoir in the north of the country.  Pentagrams are commonly associated with devil-worship, but are also used in the Bahai religion and Chinese Taoism as well as neopaganists and followers of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras.  But quite what the symbol, which is visible on Google Earth here, is doing in such a remote location remains a mystery.  While some have jumped to the conclusion that it is obviously the work of a secretive satanic cult, others believe it could be the remains of a Russian military base.  One internet user posted on the Live Science website: ‘It’s probably an abandoned surface to air missile site.  The shape has something to do with how their tracking radars work.’


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