MPs banned from worshipping at the feet of idols


Corrosion of Power

Lloyd George, Atlee, Churchill, Thatcher.
Catch a glimpse of them
in the House of Commons,
cast in bronze.
Statues, whose personae once boldly strode
the corridors of power
and rode political storms,
now form four democratic towers
that glower in the members’ lobby.

MPS rub the statues’ feet,
touch their toes,
hoping that the glow
of oratorical stardust
rubs off on each
as they prepare to give their speech.
Idols worshipped
slowly disappear
as the bronze corrodes.
Now once again the idols hold the floor
as MPs are allowed to touch no more.


1st August 2013 – headline from the Dail Mail
Notes:  “MPs banned from worshiping at the feet of idols like Thatcher and Churchill because their statues are being rubbed away.”  MPs have been banned from touching statues of ex-Prime Ministers including Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.  The bronze monuments to Great British leaders have become damaged by today’s politicians touching their feet for good luck before giving speeches.  But art bosses in Parliament say four statues at the entrance to Commons are now ‘seriously under threat’ and are preparing to rope them off to stop MPs from paying the traditional tribute.  There are now cracks and small holes on the surface of the Churchill statue, and substantial loss of surface texture on the other statues.

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