Spoof sculpture trail in West Yorkshire

Barbed wire (rusting after years of hard work)...

Barbed wire (rusting after years of hard work) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a real sculpture trail come to Teignmouth, S. Devon.  See:


Go Now, Go See

Go now, go see.
Go now, just be
in the moment.
Go that extra mile.
Be part of the art.
Feel the passion in the pieces that stretch beyond the pale.
Enjoy, enjoy the Colne Valley Sculpture Trail.

“Impermanent Border”
is art from disorder.
A cleverly constructed wooden fence
is a mental diversion,
simultaneous subversion
of temporary, ramshackle appearance
belied by a sense
of implied permanence.

“Longitudinal Torsion with Radials”,
unadulterated genius that says it all.
It oozes fluidity.
The metal gate and barbed wire
annex flow and rigidity.
The bar of the art’s raised higher
whilst the nettles restrain
the tactile sting of their pain.

“Wash Behind the Ears.”
Bathtub filled with dirt
raises questions,
makes suggestions.
Is there purity in the soul?
Is it cleanliness that makes us whole?
Or is the counterpoint of dirt that festers in the bowl
that which lets us lead life to the full.

“Wall/Fall/Wall, number twelve”.
Dig deep, delve.
Imbibe the violence of the scattered stones.
Feel bereavement.
Feel it seeping through your bones.
See the turf above that seems to weep
nostalgic, saddened bricks in sepia tones.

Go now, go see.
Go now, just be
in the moment.


28th July 2013 – headline from The Independent

Notes:  “Spoof sculpture trail in West Yorkshire.”  Could some badly-drawn graffiti on a rusty sign, an abandoned bathtub filled with dirt and a wall fragment really be part of a conceptual sculpture trail in the Colne Valley?  Although the artists’ names and titles may be fictitious, there’s nothing to stop the “works” on the trail being taken as art, the leaflet’s anonymous author suggested.  They added: “My favourite thing was somebody’s blog, which, as far as I can tell, showed that they had walked the trail believing the ‘sculptures’ to be genuine works of art.  My advice to people is if they want to do the walk, do it asap because the ‘sculptures’ could disappear at any time.  My dream would be to have a preservation order put on the lot of them.”


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