Dozens die as Spanish train derails in Galicia

Horrendous news first thing this morning …..

Train Crash

leaves the tracks,
fractures pilgrim night.
Grim, fright-filled coaches, splintered, splayed.
Death plays dice in Santiago de Compostela.
Bella donna hovers, blue luminescence creeping, squeezing eyelids closed, easing pain.
Dante’s insane scene crawls with workers, scurrying ants,
decanting dying, injured, dead,
dreading when a train
leaves the tracks.

24th July 2013

Notes:  “Dozens die as Spanish train derails in Galicia.”  A train has derailed in north-western Spain, killing at least 77 people and injuring more than 100, officials in the Galicia region have said.  Several eyewitnesses described the train travelling very fast before it derailed.  Spanish El Pais newspaper cited sources close to the investigation as saying the train was travelling at over twice the speed limit on a sharp curve.  All eight carriages of the train, which was travelling from Madrid to Ferrol, came off the tracks near the city of Santiago de Compostela.  Rescue workers continued to search for survivors in the train wreckage through the night.  Analysts say it is the worst rail accident in Spain in four decades.  Government officials said they believed the crash was an accident, but that no statement would be made regarding the cause without a proper investigation.  The derailment happened on the eve of Santiago de Compostela’s main festival where thousands of Christian pilgrims were expected to flock to the city in honour of Saint James.


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