Serial killer leaves haiku clue

You wonder what drives people to unspeakable acts ….

The Darkness Within

They don’t understand.
Narrow-minded neighbours’ taunts.
Voices in my head.

Wraithes from bedlam’s land
open up Pandora’s box.
Violence erupts.

Lives held in my hand.
Bludgeoned skulls will mock no more.
Burnt-out brittle bone.

Lives like grains of sand,
trickling through parted fingers,
drift in dunes beneath.

Catch me if you can.
Leaving haikus in my wake,
I will kill again.


23rd July 2013 – headline from The Independent

Notes:  “Japan: Hunt on for serial killer who leaves haiku clue.”  Police in rural Japan are searching for a 63-year-old man suspected of having killed five people.  On Sunday night, the bodies of 71-year-old Makoto Sadamori and his wife Kiyoko, 72, were found in the smouldering remains of their home, in a mountain hamlet in the western Yamaguchi prefecture.  Around 80 metres away, police came across a third body, thought to be that of a 79-year-old woman, Miyako Yamamoto, whose house had begun to burn at around 9pm, approximately the same time as the Sadamori home.  Like their fellow victims, 73-year-old Satoko Kawamura and Fumito Ishimura, 80, are believed to have been battered to death. All five reportedly died instantly after being struck on the head with a blunt instrument.  Police have yet to find a murder weapon, but think they may have discovered a clue to the killer’s identity: a haiku poem, fixed to a window at the home of their chief suspect, Yamamoto’s 63-year-old neighbour, which reads: “Setting on fire/ Smoke gives delight/ To a country fellow.”

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