Royal baby is born

English: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and...

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When this news broke there could only be one headline for today!

A Child is Born

Unto us a child is born.
Two lives creating one.
One in hundreds of thousands born today,
the twenty-second of July.
One in hundreds born in the minute
of four twenty-four pm.
Souls linked by synchronicity
of lines of life.

Unto us a son is given,
weighing in at eight pounds six ounces.
The bare statistics ushering a life
into a formative channel.
The Prince of Cambridge.
The future king.
The royal line preserved.

And the covenant shall be upon his shoulders.
Will they be broad
in the world of the future?
Will they be brave
in the inherited world of climate change,
of deprivation, of social change?
Will there be conscience, compassion?

And his name shall be called …….


22nd July 2013 – headline from Channel 4 News

Notes:  “Royal baby is born, Buckingham Palace confirms.”  The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy at 16.25 BST on Monday. The news has been confirmed by Buckingham Palace.  The baby weighs 8lbs 6oz and will remain in hospital with his mother overnight.  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was admitted to the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in London on 0600 BST 22 July with Prince William at her side.  Formal confirmation of the royal baby’s arrival was made in a signed bulletin which was taken from the hospital to Buckingham Palace and placed on an easel outside the palace.


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