Belgian Shepherd Jany Parachutes With Colombian Anti-Terrorism Squad

Belgian Shepherd Malinois during show of dogs ...

Belgian Shepherd Malinois during show of dogs in Rybnik – Kamień, Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s not forget that Neil Armstrong became the first man to step on the moon 44 years ago today.  But I’ve written a few poems on Space since January so have taken this headline instead, provided by my daughter and vaguely reflecting July’s dog-days



Dog Day Afternoon

Two pm on a dog-day day.
For Jany a turning-point today.

“Jany reporting for duty, sir”
“At ease, soldier, as you were.
Or should I say SIT?
Care for a bone or a chewy biscuit?”
“No thankyou, sir,” Jany deferred.
“No thankyou, but can I lick my bits?”

“I’m on a special diet regime
for building up my abs of steel –
lots of meat, high protein.
Must keep in shape, know what I mean.”
The general nodded, he clearly approved.
In fact he seemed to be genuinely moved.
He turned away, dipped his head
and wiped away a tear he’d shed.
“You remind me of my son,” he said.
“Tough kid.  Iraq.  But now he’s dead.”
“Sorry to hear, sir,” Jany averred.
“Sorry to hear.”  Jany’s heart bled.

The General paused.  Enough was enough.
“Are you up for a new task?  It’ll be tough.
With Air Special Command the going is rough.
In fact I’ll say that it’ll be hell.
We’re after another drug cartel
with help from your excellent sense of smell.
And, by the way, you’re parachuting as well.”
Jany’s lips curled in attempt at a smile.
She was used to going that extra mile.
She pawed and she whined and wagged her tail,
as a Belgian Shepherd she wasn’t frail.
“I’m your dog, sir”, Jany confirmed.
“I’m your dog and I shall not fail.”

“I’m your dog and I’ll fight your cause.
I’ll sniff out the drugs and the overlords.
I’ll hunt them down in their jungle yurts
and bite them where it really hurts.”
The General shook Jany by the paw.
His face was fraught with a look of awe.
Such passion in a dog he’d not seen before.
Jany had the right stuff, of that he was sure.
“Jany you’re a good dog, one I can trust.
With your nose on our side we’ve the enemy sussed.
Now up ‘em and at ‘em we’ve drug lords to bust.
You’re in on this mission, the ultimate thrust.
“I won’t let you down, sir”, Jany affirmed.
“I won’t let you down.  In Dog you can trust.”

“Dismissed corporal Jany, but before you depart
I’ve something to give you straight from the heart.”
Jany’s ears pricked, eyes bulged.  No way!
As the general gave her his son’s red beret.

“An honour, sir, that’s Dog’s honest truth”
“An honour, sir”, Jany woofed.


20th July 2013 – headline from Huffington Post

Notes:  “Belgian Shepherd Jany Parachutes With Colombian Anti-Terrorism Squad.”  A parachuting Belgian Shepherd is the newest recruit in an elite crime fighting air force unit.  Jany plummets more than 1,000ft to earth strapped to officers of Air Special Command which was specially set up to counter crime and terrorism at the country’s airports.  Brave Jany and her team frequently risk landing in spots planted with anti-personnel blast mines.


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