Greenpeace activists climb London’s Shard

This was an amazing feat.  The protesters were arrested on suspicion of “aggravated trespass”, whatever that means, but they made their point.

Arctic Protest

The north face of the Eiger,
Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn –
hold them in derision,
consider them in scorn.
For today we’ve seen decision
of a women’s team once formed,
determined, on a mission
which started in the morn.

This female team of climbers
had planned, prepared so hard
with meticulous precision
to ascend the London Shard.
They showed no inhibition,
catching everyone off-guard;
this would be an exhibition
where they played the Greenpeace card.

The climb was one of protest,
emotions on the boil.
They were seeking prohibition
of activities that spoil
the Arctic ecosystem,
the ravaging of its soil
by Shell’s drilling and excision
of the Arctic gas and oil.

11th July 2013 – headline from the Guardian

Notes:  “Greenpeace activists climb London’s Shard.”  A group of activists from Greenpeace on Thursday scaled the Shard, the tapered 310m glass tower next to London Bridge station, as a protest against oil and gas drilling in the Arctic.  In a later statement, Greenpeace said the Shard was chosen because it was in sight of the three London bases of the energy giant Shell, which is involved in offshore drilling in the Arctic. When the climbers reached the top of the building they aimed to “hang a huge work of art that captures the beauty of the Arctic”, it added.  The statement continued: “Shell is leading the oil companies’ drive into the Arctic, investing billions in its Alaskan and Russian drilling programmes. A worldwide movement of millions has sprung up to stop them, but Shell is refusing to abandon its plans.”


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