First killer beast turns up in Holland for 150 years

Nature always finds a way ….

Come-back Call

Lock up your sheep,
keep them secure,
be sure to guard them day and night.
You might feel safe with electric fence
but it’s no defence ‘gainst the hunter that prowls,
whose howls bite through the dying light
to frighten children in their beds.
Their heads are full of imaginary tales
that never fail to terrorise.
Their bulging eyes and beating heart
part them from the reality
and what they see won’t let them sleep.
Even counting sheep won’t help
for they hear the yelps of the killers at night
in tight formation, hunting in packs;
they won’t relax until sheep have died.
Satisfied, hungry no more
with bloodied jaw they lope back into suburban night.
Hunters that prowl,
hunters that howl;
after the fall of the Berlin wall
the wolf has made a come-back call.


12th July 2013 – headline from the Daily Mail

Notes:  “The wolf’s at the door: First killer beast turns up in Holland for 150 years sparking fears they may soon arrive in Britain”.  Wolves are prowling into Western Europe in their largest numbers for more than a century after a spate of mysterious sheep massacres that has spread fear through farms across the continent.  Scientists in Holland made the revelation after a mysterious creature found dead by the side of a road was revealed to be the country’s first wolf in 150 years.  Meanwhile in Germany, 50 wolf-pack raids were recorded in Germany last year alone despite the fact that the country’s supposed ‘last wolf’ was shot dead in 1904.  Scientists attribute the rise of wolves in Western Europe to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 when they were made a protected species.

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