85th anniversary of sliced bread

I’m half-way through the Janus project and it’s definitely getting harder finding new, unique headlines.  180 or so still to go so the next 6 months will be an interesting challenge.  Of course you can always look back into history (hence Janus) so here I’m celebrating the 85th anniversary of sliced bread which incredibly had immense social significance.  Enjoy!

Sliced Bread

Best thing since sliced bread,
he reputedly said,
a man called Otto but known as Fred,
the man who invented sliced bread.
The life that he led
was boring he said;
he’d worked so hard to be clothed and fed,
constantly he’d been ruled by his head
but his heart inconsolably bled.
He really wanted a new path to tread –
to be a creative inventor instead.
His wife looked aghast and spluttered in dread,
“what’s all this nonsense filling your head?
Forget it mein Liebchen, come back to bed,
I’ll soothe you like on the night that we wed”.
“I respect your seductive offer” he said,
“but I must decline and go out to my shed.”
And that’s where he fled.
He worked day and night, his eyes were red,
eyelids as heavy as lumps of lead,
hands red raw until they bled.
He hammered and cut and lost the thread,
found it again with the manuals he read
until the day came he’d per-fec-ted
a machine that cut and wrapped fresh bread.
On the seventh of July, so it is said,
in nineteen twenty-eight I have read
a new brand of baking was commercially bred
which was known to all as ‘Sliced Kleen Maid Bread.’

The man called Otto and known as Fred,
Otto Frederick Rohwedder is long time dead,
but his baking creation lives on in his stead.


8th July 2013 – headline from the Daily Mail
Notes:  “The greatest thing since. . . A look at the history of sliced bread and its jeweler inventor as it celebrates 85th anniversary.”  Less than 100 years ago, loaves were sold whole, and bread had to be sliced by hand, since pre-slicing it was known to make it go stale more quickly.  Then on July 7, 1928, exactly 85 years ago yesterday, Des Moines, Iowa native Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented a mechanical bread slicer that changed the art of sandwich-making forever.  The very first loaf of pre-sliced bread, called Sliced Kleen Maid Bread, hit shelves on July 7, 1928, causing sales to skyrocket almost overnight.

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