The most highbrow jokes in the world

Let’s not forget that Egypt is still in crisis today but here’s something more light-hearted.  The article on “high-brow” jokes caught my eye so I thought I’d try to convert a few of them into verse ….. Thanks to Reddit for posing the question originally.

How many Surrealists Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?  A Fish

Socrates they say was permanently pissed,
Pherecrates was the humorist.
Should high-brow humour be dismissed
as geekish jibes from the scientists
or brain-fodder of surrealists?

A classics professor went to a tailor
to get his trousers repaired.
“Euripides?” inquired the aforesaid tailor.
“Eumenides?” the professor declared.

A Buddhist monk in saffron dress
approaches a hot-dog stall,
too much choice creating stress.
Meditating he makes the call,
stops his chant and starts to sing –
“Make me one with everything.”

Heisenberg was no ordinary bloke.
He uncertainly would have enjoyed this joke.
An electron speeding along its way
was stopped by a cop who was heard to say
“I clocked you at ninety m p h.”
The electron paused for what seemed an age;
then wilted and let out a desperate groan –
“My position and speed can’t both be known.
You’ve done it now, there was really no need
to tell me precisely what was my speed;
‘cos knowing that carries a cost –
now I’m lost.”

A photon wanders, checks into hotel
in need of a room for the night.
The receptionist ponders, says “Baggage as well?”
The photon replies “No, I’m travelling light.”

Pavlov’s enjoying a pint in a bar.
The phone rings and triggers a thought from afar.
He opens his i-pad and adds to his blog –
“Hell, I’ve forgotten to feed the dog.”
He’s joined by another maniac,
an agnostic, dyslexic insomniac
who stays up doubting all through the night
dubiously wondering if there might
really be a dog.


5th July 2013 – headline from the Independent

Notes:  “The most highbrow jokes in the world: What do you get when a boffin tries to be funny?”  Ultra-highbrow humour has become the hottest thing on the internet.  Have you heard the one about the internet forum thread which took the world by storm?  Scientists are not generally recognised for their sense of humour, but those disparagingly referred to as “geeks” by the more intellectually challenged of us have responded in their thousands to a question posed on the Reddit website: “What’s the most intellectual joke you know?”  The huge number of gags cover all disciplines from physics to philosophy.


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