World’s largest offshore windfarm

Green energy making a come-back.  I wonder if hundreds of years ago there was as much resistance to windmills on hill-tops as there is to wind-turbines today ……

Electric Glide In Blue

Quixotic giants,
gaunt ranks of latent power,
you’ve come so far
from the distant sun-parched hill-tops
of La Mancha
to rise like squawking krakens
off our stormy shores.

Dali figure stalks,
you flaunt your blatant power.
Skeletal blades outstretched
from spinal bone-white towers,
you baulk the wind.
Enslaved, enraged you waken,
defend, defy, deflect.

Exotic titans,
you vaunt your flagrant power.
Storm-gusts lash and you gyrate,
electric rivers course your veins
you’re energised
dervish-spun, whirling, shaking,
centurions arrayed.

Kali Cybernauts
with taunting nascent power.
Wind-squalls whip you.
Blades hum, blades flash, lashing back.
You scythe the winds,
smoothly flaying, raking,
electric glide in blue.

3rd July 2013 – headline from the Guardian

Notes:  “World’s largest offshore windfarm opens in Thames estuary.”  With enough capacity to power 470,000 homes, two-thirds of the homes in Kent, the set of 175 turbines rising out of the Thames estuary officially became the largest offshore wind-farm in the world.  David Cameron was on hand to cut the ribbon on the London Array, a massive renewable energy project, in a move that industry sources hoped would herald renewed enthusiasm from the government for renewable power after the animosity to wind-farms on the Tory backbenches.


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