Egypt’s President Morsi ousted by the army

Democracy fails in Egypt – here’s a view of Morsi’s opponents.  Can democracy succeed a second time or will civil unrest escalate?

Morsi, Morsi

Morsi, Morsi you had to stop,
your plans for Egypt have been a flop.
You’ve let the Egyptian people down,
so pack your bags, get out of town.

Morsi, Morsi not hearing us,
you’re the one we gave our trust.
You didn’t listen to what we said,
you let the power go to your head.

Morsi, Morsi there’s been a coup,
you brought about what’s happened to you.
We elected you, we gave you clout,
you abused our trust so now you’re out.

Morsi, Morsi you lost the plot,
another revolt is what you got.
We elected you so we could be free,
with fairness, justice and equality.

Morsi, Morsi you must agree
we asked you to save the economy.
There was no mandate to create
another fundamental Islam state.

Morsi, Morsi you had your chance,
you’ve led your people a merry dance.
You bowed to the Muslim Brotherhood,
that wasn’t in the country’s good.

Morsi, Morsi can’t you see
what we wanted was democracy.
Mubarak gone, a future bright
but still we struggle, still we fight.

3rd July 2013 – headline from the BBC

Notes:  “Army ousts Egypt’s President Morsi.”  The head of Egypt’s army, Gen Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, has given a TV address, announcing that President Mohammed Morsi is no longer in office.  He said the constitution had been suspended and the chief justice of the constitutional court would take on Mr Morsi’s powers.  Flanked by religious and opposition leaders, Gen Sisi said Mr Morsi had “failed to meet the demands of the Egyptian people”.  Anti-Morsi protesters in Cairo gave a huge cheer in response to the speech.  The army’s move to depose the president follows four days of mass street demonstrations against Mr Morsi, and an ultimatum issued by the military which expired on Wednesday afternoon.

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