World’s largest free-standing building opens

Could Coleridge have foretold this in his opiate dream?

Xanadu Revamped

In Chengdu, province of Sichuan,
a stately pleasure-dome you’ll see.
It’s so immense, gargantuan,
this ocean city built by man,
world’s largest building standing free.

Sydney opera house fits inside
twenty times, an even score.
Shop, eat, sleep, enjoy the ride,
play, cavort, just live the high
of pleasures in the palace store.

When asteroid and earth collide
is this a model for an ark
with artificial sun inside,
a place for us to safely hide
through centuries of dark.

In Chengdu town a Chinaman
a safety-measure dome decreed
where half the population ran,
when Armageddon threatened man,
to prolong the human seed.


1st July 2013 – headline from Daily Mail

Notes:  “World’s biggest building opens in China (and it’s so huge you could fit 20 Sydney Opera Houses inside).”  The world’s largest building has opened in China.  The New Century Global Center in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is a staggering 19million sq.ft. and contains shopping centres, a Mediterranean village, a water park, an ice-skating rink, and multiple hotels.  It is the largest freestanding building in the world, and took three years to complete.  Visitors to the glass panelled building need not worry about the weather as the giant complex will have its own artificial sun which will provide light and heat 24 hours a day for shoppers exploring the around 400,000 sq. metres of boutiques and stores.  ‘This is an ocean city built by man,’ said Chinese guide Liu Xun.


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