Senators accuse government of using secret law to collect Americans’ data.

This story has been running and running.  Now it looks that the NSA have been monitoring US citizen’s communications as well.

The National Good

They hack our phones,
they crack our codes,
they track our mail and our tweets.
Complete with high technology
they listen to what you say to me
and monitor what we openly write.
They feel no need for apology,
feel they have a god-given right
as part of the anti-terrorist fight
to sit silent, keeping out of sight,
spooks who stalk us in cyber-night –
that’s the NSA.
Dare to complain
and you’re on the first train
to Guantanamo bay.
Snowden would know,
the first one to blow
the whistle and go on the run.
It’s war they say
for the national good
for motherhood
and the USA.
We’ll do what we like,
forget human rights,
forget liberty
security’s the thing
and that’s what we bring.
You’ve nothing to fear
now that Big Brother is here.



28th June 2013 – headline from the Guardian

Notes:  Senators accuse government of using ‘secret law’ to collect Americans’ data.”  A bipartisan group of 26 US senators has written to intelligence chiefs to complain that the administration is relying on a “secret body of law” to collect massive amounts of data on US citizens.  The senators accuse officials of making misleading statements and demand that the director of national intelligence James Clapper answer a series of specific questions on the scale of domestic surveillance as well as the legal justification for it.  In their strongly-worded letter to Clapper, the senators said they believed the government may be misinterpreting existing legislation, the Patriot Act, to justify the sweeping collection of telephone and internet data.

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