Mouse cloned from a single drop of blood

Things have changed since Steinbeck’s time but could Lennie still be the result?

Of Mice and Men

The Japanese have done it.
They’ve cloned a mouse
from a drop of blood.
You’ve guessed what’s next –
from mouse to man.
If a drop of blood is all it takes
to make a copy of ourselves,
we’ll do it because we can.

But unless we construct some ethical fence
we could be fucked with the consequence.

Another me
with my genes
but a host, just an empty shell,
zombie-like, no memory,
or history to tell.
Would that be me?

For this to succeed
there needs to be more;
our core must survive.
So they download our brain
and think that it’s great,
a chance to create,
to manipulate
any deviant traits;
to erase, straighten out
and remove the uncouth,
re-boot with the truth,
then upload again
back into that empty shell.

Life not as we knew it;
we knew we just blew it
in exchange for a living hell.

27th June 2013 – headline from Daily Mail

Notes:  “Japanese scientists clone a mouse from a SINGLE drop of blood.”  Blood cells from a donor mouse’s tail were collected and used to make the cloned female mouse, which went on to reproduce and live a regular lifespan.  The cells can be used for cloning immediately after collection and no donor animals need to be euthanised.  The efficiency of cloning from these cell types is very good which is helpful if the intention is to use cloning to propagate and expand numbers of rare or valuable types of individual or species.

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