The Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript

In the spirit of the Voynich manuscript can you find a hidden message in today’s poem.  Clue:  it’s a quotation, plus reference to author, and is made up of one word per couplet.  Good luck!!

Life’s Code

Know the secret hidden message
embedded in what you’ve read.

Hear the meaning of the words
as they nestle in your head.

Appreciate their power,
let it flower in your mind.

Enjoy the truth that lies inside,
the proof that you may find.

Live the code which is implied,
let it glide around your soul.

Imagine now that you’ve harnessed peace
and the karma’s made you whole.

On days when the world seems black to you,
think back on the coded thought.

Be awed by Gaia, bear, crow, wolf, elk,
inspired by what they’ve taught.


22nd June 2013 – Headline from Daily MailNotes:  “Has the mystery of the world’s most mysterious manuscript finally been solved? Experts claims messages are hidden in drawings of medieval work.”  The message inside “the world’s most mysterious medieval manuscript” has eluded cryptographers, mathematicians and linguists for over a century and for many, the so-called Voynich book is assumed to be a hoax.  It was investigated by a team of code breakers during the Second World War. Despite being able to discover enemy messages, they were unable to find any meaning in the text.  But a new study suggests the manuscript, which dates back to the early 1400s, may after all hold a genuine message.  Scientists say they found linguistic patterns they believe to be meaningful words within the text.

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