US and Taliban opening peace talks

You Can

You can lead a horse to water
but you cannot make it drink.
You can tell a man he oughta
but you cannot make him think.
You can say you’ll give no quarter
and give martyrdom a chink.
You can kill their sons and daughters
feeling righteous, in the pink.
You can wonder if you’ve taught a
lesson, and leave behind a stink.
You can wage ten years of slaughter
but can you pull back from the brink.

You can, you can, you can …..
It’s been another Vietnam,
ten years in Afghanistan,
attrition with the Taliban,
get out now whilst you can.
Let’s talk.

You can tell a man he oughta
but you cannot make him think.

18th June 2013

Notes:  US and Taliban to open direct peace talks in Qatar.”  The first meeting is due to take place in the coming days in Doha, Qatar, where the Taliban have just opened their first official overseas office.  The announcement came on the day Nato handed over security for the whole of Afghanistan to government forces.  US officials said prisoner exchanges would be one topic for discussion with the Taliban, but the first weeks will mainly be used to explore each other’s agendas.  However, the talks are on condition that the Taliban renounce violence, break ties with al-Qaeda and respect the Afghan constitution – including the rights of women and minorities.  Afghan President Hamid Karzai said his government was also sending delegates to Qatar to talk to the Taliban.  The level of trust between the Afghan government and the Taliban is described as “low”.  In the past, the Taliban have always refused to meet President Karzai or his government, dismissing them as puppets of Washington.

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