Jiroemon Kimura – world’s oldest man – dies

Jiroemon Kimura

He gazed at the sky.
Life-giving, skin-warming sun
prolonging his days.

History crept past,
wars, Hiroshima, moon, mars.
Wondering what next.

Jiving autumn leaves,
pebbles in the stream of life
carry marks of time.

Jaded, eroded,
rolled, rubbed in temporal flow.
Destiny awaits.

He withered with age,
one hundred and sixteen years.
Crossing nature’s bridge.

11th June 2013

Notes:  “Oldest man in history Jiroemon Kimura dies at 116.”  A Japanese man, Jiroemon Kimura, recognised as the world’s oldest living person, and the oldest man recorded in history, has died aged 116 of natural causes in a hospital in Kyotango, Kyoto.  Mr Kimura was born on 19 April 1897, the same year as aviator Amelia Earhart, and reportedly had seven children, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, and 13 great-great-grandchildren.  He worked in his local post office until retiring and was said to have helped his son with his farming until he was around 90 years old.  He became the world’s oldest living person in December, when the previous title-holder died.  In an interview on his 115th birthday, Mr Kimura said he was not sure why he was able to live so long.  “Maybe it’s all thanks to the sun above me,” he said. “I am always looking up towards the sky, that is how I am.”

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